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CGIT is a Research Centre of the “Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia” under the Portuguese Ministry of Science Technology and Higher Education, hosted at the University of Minho.

CGIT focus its research activity on Industrial Organization and Management of Industrial Systems,Technology, Energy and Environment.

The bodies of administrative and research management of the CGIT are the:
  • Scientific Council
  • Executive Commission
  • Director

The members of the Scientific Council are all effective research members of CGIT having a Ph.D. degree.

The four Research Groups for achieving CGIT mission are:
  1. Industrial Management and Systems (IMS)

  2. Systems Economic Analysis (SEA)

  3. Human Engineering (HE)

  4. Distributed and Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises (DVMSE)

The main interaction and collaboration among the research groups and research members of CGIT and with other research groups outside of the Centre, national and international, is carried out through research projects. This makes project leaders and project teams the most important elements for the success of the CGIT mission.

General Objectives of CGIT 

The general mission of this research Centre is to conduct fundamental and applied research on Industrial Organization and Management of Industrial systems, Technology, Energy and Environment.

Research and has been focused on:
  1. Investigating production planning and control mechanisms and techniques relevant to both lean and agile production for distributed, product and customer order oriented manufacturing systems.

  2. Studying forms of intensifying the use and application of available knowledge on industrial management for improving manufacturing and logistic operations.

  3. Studying and developing information systems for product data and production management

  4. Researching theoretical base of the Networked, Agile and Virtual Enterprises paradigm and to specify Virtual Enterprise model, including a laboratory installation of a Virtual Enterprise Manufacturing Cell, which will represent improvement in relation of the actual state-of-the-art and to validate it.

  5. Developing decision and project management systems

  6. Carrying out macroeconomic and strategic studies of industrial or service sectors

  7. Investigating knowledge flows and knowledge production systems and their implications on innovation performance

  8. Developing cost management systems and cost analysis studies for industrial, environmental and energy systems

  9. Studying theoretical and practical issues regarding the improvement of the working conditions, with a particular focus on questions regarding the workplace’s safety and occupational hygiene.

  10. Research on applied ergonomics, both to occupational and non-occupational environments, in particular in what regards to aspects related with human comfort, physical interfaces and biomechanics.

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