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General Objectives 

The work of the Economics Engineering group has been directed towards the study of the economic and management implications of complex systems, either in industrial or service systems. A new attention has been given to energy systems and the environment.

Considering this, the research group activity aims:

  • to develop decision and project management systems
  • to carry out macroeconomic and strategic studies of industrial or service sectors
  • to investigate knowledge flows and knowledge production systems and their implications on innovation performance
  • to develop cost management systems and cost analysis studies

Main Achievements 

The work of the group during the period 2003-2006 has been developed through international and national research projects, whose main results are:

  • The publication of 2 book chapters, 8 papers in international peer review journals, 4 papers in national peer review journals, 30 papers in international conference proceedings, 2 papers in national conference proceedings and 4 technical reports.
  • The organization of circa 14 scientific events organizations
  • The conclusion of 5 MSc. thesis dissertations and 3 Ph.D. Dissertations.

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