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General Objectives 

The work of the Human Engineering research group has been directed towards the study of the improvement of the working conditions, with a particular focus on questions regarding the workplace’s ergonomics and occupational safety and hygiene. Considering this, the research group activity aims:

  • To investigate the implications of some physical risk factors in the human performance and safety;
  • To covers the interaction of humans with their physical environment;
  • To improve the knowledge upon the human factors that affect the individual performance at the work;
  • To carry out high quality, international research to support the development of safe and efficient working systems, products and environments for workers and general users;
  • To carry out a systematic ergonomic analysis of workplaces, particularly in industrial and health care environments, exposed to musculoskeletal disorders.

Main Achievements 

The work of the group during the period 2003-2006 has been developed through more than 15 international and national research projects, whose main results are:

  • The publications and edition of 8 books, 9 papers in international peer review journals, 7 papers in national peer review journals, 48 papers in international conference proceedings, 20 papers in national conference proceedings and 4 technical reports.
  • The organization, jointly with other entities and groups, of circa 20 scientific events (symposium, conferences, congress, seminars) organizations
  • The conclusion of 10 MSc. Thesis dissertations and 4 PhD. Dissertations in progress.

Additionally, the group has achieved some prizes related with the research results, namely:

  • Macedo, M, Arezes, PM - Menção Honrosa do concurso Prevenir Mais Viver Melhor no Trabalho – 2004. ISHST.
  • Arezes, PM; Miguel, AS - CybErg 2005 selected paper, attributed to the paper 'Does risk recognition affect workers’ hearing protection utilisation rate?'. International Scientific Advisory Committee of the 4th International Cyberspace Conference on Ergonomics: February, 2006.
  • Silva, Ana Luzia; Barroso, M. e Miguel, A.S. - Menção Honrosa do concurso Prevenir Mais Viver Melhor no Trabalho – 2006. ISHST: April, 2006.

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